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Vegetable Farming

We are concerned with raising and maintaining livestock.


Our success is tied to our management practices we put in.

Pork Farming

We are fully into commerial pig farming and management.

Our produce at

Olusholar Multi Dynamic Farm

  • 100% Organic

    Quality Assured. Our products are fresh, 100% natural, nutritious, healthy and safe for consumption.

  • Premium Quality

    We offer a wide range of unique fruits and vegetables in our fresh produce sortiment.

  • Organic Farm

    We don't just bring organic produce to your door — we nurture it from seed, we harvest it by hand.

  • Fresh Egg

    Our Eggs are produced in brown shells. 100% Organic feed from own feed mill and disease free chicks.

  • Large Scale Produce

    On request large scale production of livestock.

  • Super Healthy

    We offer fruits & vegetables, humanely raised meats, dairy, baked goods.